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Balazs Szücs Portrait My name is Balazs Szücs (or more precisely Balázs Szűcs, which is to be pronounced like [bOla:Z sy:tS] if you know SAMPA). Though being Hungarian, I live in Vienna (Austria) where I work as an IT architect.

This website is dedicated to my passions, that is digital painting, graphic design and music production. You find a lot of images in several galleries, as well as a bunch of mp3's to listen to online here - enjoy!

What to expect here?


welcome - this welcome page

about - technical and legal info about the site

save your day! - an online game to play


gallery #1 - gallery of digital paintings

gallery #2 - gallery of digital paintings

live paintings - live images that change with time!

background - computer graphic tools I use


zoology - typographic vector illustrations

logo design - commercial logo design studies

ladies & gentlemen - typographic vector illustrations


photo - artistic photo manipulation

animation - moving images, video


music downloads - my sound studio, with mp3 streams

retro sounds - c64 sound revival, mp3 streams


email - my mail address, Internet community memberships


Old website screenshot This fully re-designed website replaces my old homepage that I honestly did not like any more. Most of the content published there was moved here, and if not, not without reason :-) However, here is the old site as a PDF printout.

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