Current live exhibition in Villach

Right now I am participating in a group exhibition titled "" with some of my works in the gallery "Offenes Atelier" in Villach, Austria. If you have the chance you can visit it till May 6th 2010. More information can be found here.

Digital paintings 2005-

I started with this collection at the end of 2005. In order to overcome the sterility of my earlier works I changed my style a little bit and also I turned to different painter software such as 'Corel Painter' and 'Inkscape'. The pictures have become more realistic, but hopefully not less expressive...

Step by step I changed to a painting tablet, which freed me from having to practice each stroke before actually drawing it with the mouse. It also allowed me to go more into detail. I also discovered vector drawing (also presenting some heavily post-processed vector drawings here).

Here they are

Click on them to enlarge!

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