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These galleries contain mostly computer graphics (or digital paintings, if you like) that I created in different styles and using different techniques and technologies. Although I am not considered to be an old-school artist, I still do call this ART, because I think that the pictures have a message, they always express something, be it sorrow or pleasure. I try to give them a meaning beyond the visible, and I do my best to avoid trivialities. I believe that picture and title should always make a whole - the title is there to tune the spectactor's mind to the right frequency while 'receiving' the picture.

As you'll see, I love bright colors and unnatural shapes, and I place expressivity above realism. In my view realism is something for press photography and not for fine arts. That's why I vote for abstraction. Enjoy!

Equipment used

For my pictures I use the following software and hardware tools:

  • GIMP 1.1-2.2 - image manipulation program
  • Corel Painter IX,X - digital painter
  • Microsoft Word 97 - for vector drawings
  • FinePrint PDF Factory - PDF generator
  • 1.4-2.0 - for vector drawings
  • InkScape - vector drawing program
  • Xara Extreme - vector drawing program
  • EIZO FlexScan S1910 - LCD monitor
  • Logitech MX510 - optical mouse
  • Wacom Intuos3 A4 - graphic tablet
  • Trust 380 USB2.0 SpaceC@m - camera
  • CASIO Exilim Z600 - digital camera
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